Bertie Bird’s Big Adventure

Bertie wants to travel all around the UK visiting every Baby Basics Centre to say hello to the teams that work so hard to serve their local community and raise much needed money to support the work of Baby Basics. But it is a very long way! He will start in Northern Ireland and after a long journey around the UK he will end up at his home in Sheffield, where it all began, 15 years ago!

Everyone can get involved to help him on his way. You decide how many kilometres you want to contribute and how you want to contribute them.

As we have centres all over the UK, including Northern Ireland and Jersey, Bertie is going to need to do some swimming and rowing as well as all the other fun ways people can think of to help get him around on dry land!

Bertie Bird loves to keep fit and have fun at the same time, so whatever way you choose to contribute your kilometres from running to swimming, rollerblading to rowing, buggy pushing to cycling we hope you have lots of fun doing it, and sharing as many photos as you can to help us all share in the joy and maybe even inspire others. Remember it runs for the whole month of July. 

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The more the merrier

You can sign up as an individual, a family, a group of friends, a school or nursery or a uniformed group or sports team. You can sign up with your work mates, running group or as a corporate. There are easy packages you can pick from for groups of all sizes. You can sign up here.

So why is Bertie taking on such a big challenge?

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting yet scary times of any parents’ life. Even if you are well supported by loved ones and have all the things you need for your newborn. But imagine having a baby and struggling to buy even the most basic things that a baby needs, like a safe place for baby to sleep, clothes, nappies, and toiletries. Imagine not being able to afford a sling or a buggy to help get out and about with your baby. Imagine not having people around you to help or support you.

Every centre supports their community by working with their local health care professionals such as midwives, Health Visitors and many other statutory agencies to ensure that all babies can have a safe place to sleep.

Across the 58 centres we have around the country, last year 41,916 babies, children and their families received help from Baby Basics, and 1 in every 140 babies born in the UK in 2022 received a Moses Basket from Baby Basics.

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